Antibiotics for Gonorrhea While Pregnant


If gonorrhea goes untreated when a woman is pregnant, there are many dangers to the baby and the pregnancy. For starters, women are more likely to have a miscarriage if they have gonorrhea. If the baby is born, it is possible for the infection to pass to them during the delivery process.

The most common place for the infection to appear in babies is in their eyes. If this goes untreated, it is possible that the baby will go blind. However, even though it is not as common, the infection could also spread to other areas of the body. This could cause joint infections, blood infections or even meningitis in the baby.

there-are-many-dangers-to-the-baby-and-the-pregnancy-if-gonorrhea-goes-untreatedAntibiotics are the typical way to treat gonorrhea. However, many women are concerned about taking antibiotics while they are pregnant. Luckily, the ones that have been designed to clear up gonorrhea are also safe to use while the woman is pregnant.

While the mother is being treated, it is also important that her partner is treated for gonorrhea. They should also avoid having intercourse until they are completely healed from the infection. This will help ensure that they do not develop the infection again by passing it to one another during the treatment process.

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