Apgar Score and it’s Component in Premature Babies


The Apgar scale is an important test that doctors perform one to five minutes after a baby is born. With this test, doctors look for particular things with the baby in order to determine if they are ready to survive without medical attention.

This is an important test that doctors will perform because it can help them to determine if they need to take additional steps to protect the health of the baby. Babies that are healthy and ready to survive on their own will range between 7 and 10 on this scale.

The-Apgar-scale-is-an-important-test-that-doctors-perform-one-to-five-minutes-after-a-baby-is-bornWhen a baby is born prematurely, it is common for them to need a bit of assistance in order to prepare their bodies for the world around them. One of the reasons that this is needed is because their lungs may not be fully developed when they are born. When this is the case, they may need a bit of extra care than what is normally anticipated with a newborn.

It is common for a premature baby to score a 6 on the Apgar scale. At this point, doctors will decide what treatments are necessary and what will need to be done to protect the health of the baby. While this is not in the healthy range, parents should not necessarily be overly concerned at this point.

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