Home remedies for hot glue gun burns


Hot glue guns are extremely helpful for projects around the house. However, they can also be a dangerous contraption that causes burns as well. Luckily, there are some home remedies that can be relied on when these burns happen.


First, place the burned area under cool running water. It is also fine to immerse the area in cold water as well. You should avoid attempting to peel or remove glue from the skin if it is stuck there. Doing so can result in an increase in the damage to your skin.

You should soak the burned skin in cool water for at least ten minutes or until the pain subsides. While you are soaking the skin, massage the area where the glue came in contact with the skin. This will help make sure that the glue becomes dislodged from the skin. You can also remove the glue by rubbing the skin with a cotton ball that has been covered with olive oil.

In order to disinfect the skin, use a cotton ball that has been dipped in vinegar and rub the burned area. You should do this after you have soaked the burn and removed the glue. Finally, take pain medication to relieve any leftover pain and cover the burn with antibacterial ointment and a clean gauze.

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