How to Take Care of my Baby’s Umbilical Cord


The umbilical cord is an important part of your baby’s life. When in the womb, this important item helps to feed and nourish your growing baby. After the baby is born, a portion of the umbilical cord will remain attached to the baby for several days.

You should expect to see the umbilical cord dry up and fall off in about seven to twenty one days. After this time, there is usually a small wound that will take an additional few days to heal. While the umbilical cord is in place, you will want to keep it clean and dry.

The-umbilical-cord-is-an-important-part-of-your-babys-lifeWhen diapering your baby, either fold the diaper away from the umbilical cord or purchase newborn diapers. Newborn diapers are great because they typically have a special cutout for the umbilical cord. This will help make sure that the umbilical cord has access to air and that it won’t come in contact with urine.

Until the umbilical cord falls off, you will need to give your baby sponge baths. If the weather is warm, dress them in a loose t-shirt so that the air can circulate around the cord. Finally, make sure that you never try to remove the cord on your own even if it is only hanging on by a small amount.

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