Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia for Babies


Neonatal therapeutic hypothermia is a treatment that doctors will perform on babies who have certain illnesses, injuries and diseases. They will slowly lower their body temperature in order to slow down the progression of the disease or to help improve their healthy.

One of the most common reasons that this treatment is used is when a baby has been deprived of oxygen, which causes the signs of brain injury. It usually takes about 72 hours to complete the entire treatment process.

This treatment is used because patients tend to show fewer negative outcomes after certain injuries have surfaced compared to the same injury on a patient that was kept warm. It is unknown how exactly this treatment works in the body, but it has been shown to be effective on a number of occasions.

Neonatal-therapeutic-hypothermia-is-a-treatment-that-doctors-will-perform-on-babies-who-have-certain-illnessesThe idea behind relying on this treatment is that it should help improve the baby’s quality of life for the future. It is a treatment that can improve the outcomes of a brain injury because it lengthens the window that other treatments may become effective after the injury.

This treatment is one that is not used by all hospitals because it is relatively new. However, with further research, it is likely to become more and more popular as year progress.

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