Neural Tube Defects and Folic Acid Supplementation


Studies have shown that neural tube defects can develop if the woman does not have the right amount of folic acid in her system. The most important time that she can take folic acid is extremely early on in her pregnancy, even as early as the first couple of weeks.

If there is not enough folic acid in her system, it is possible that the baby will not develop correctly. In fact, 90% of neural tube defects have shown that the mother doesn’t have enough folic acid in her system.

This is one reason that supplementation is so important when a woman is pregnant. For the most part, taking a prenatal vitamin will be enough folic acid to protect the mother and the baby.

neural-tube-defects-can-develop-if-the-woman-does-not-have-the-right-amount-of-folic-acid-in-her-systemAdditional folic acid may also be necessary, but you should talk to your doctor about this. Women can also get some folic acid from the food that they eat, but this is usually not sufficient enough to fully protect the baby.

There are several birth defects that can surface from a neural tube defect. Each of them are very different and have different degrees of success during treatment. It is best to try to prevent them because they can all have long lasting effects on a baby.

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