Home Remedies for Breast Infection (Mastitis)


A breast infection can appear at any given time, but it is most often related to breastfeeding. The symptoms that come along with a breast infection or Mastitis can vary greatly from one woman to another and may be more severe in some women than in others.

It is always best to seek medical attention when you are suffering from mastitis, but there are some natural home remedies that you can rely on as well. For example, castor oil has been shown to help heal this type of infection and will help relieve the pain and inflammation when you rub it on the area of the infection.

A-breast-infection-can-appear-at-any-given-time-and-it-is-most-often-related-to-breastfeedingMany women also use hot towels to relieve the irritation as well. Simply place the hot towels on the site of the infection to find relieve from the irritation and burning sensations. Another supplement that women have found helpful when suffering from mastitis is Queen’s Delight. It will help relieve the irritation and pain as well as help cure the infection naturally.

Mastitis is a frustrating and irritating infection that must be treated in order for it to disappear from the body. By using these home remedies, you should be able to find both relief from the symptoms as well as see the infection begin to disappear.

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