Failure To Thrive in Newborns


It is common for babies to begin gaining weight and growing quickly when they are born. However, when this is not the case, doctors will refer to the situation as ‘failure to thrive’. This occurs when the baby doesn’t meet their growth milestones.

There are many things that can cause a baby not to thrive well after it is born. For example, certain illnesses and eating problems are common with newborns who are not growing adequately. If this is the case, doctors will work with the parents to make sure that the baby is bale to develop a healthy pattern of growth.

It-is-common-for-babies-to-begin-gaining-weight-and-growing-quickly-when-they-are-bornAlthough the concept behind failure to thrive has been around for a century, there is actually very little known about it. It is often something that is misunderstood because it isn’t technically a disease. Instead, it is a sign that the baby is undernourished. The baby may not be able to consume or keep the calories needed to grow and gain weight appropriately.

Also, it is important to note that even healthy weight babies can develop this condition. It is possible for them to start out at a healthy weight and to slowly begin losing what they need to gain weight later. They may even begin slowing down when it comes to their height growth as well.

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