Fetal Distress: Cord Around Neck


The umbilical cord is an important part of any pregnancy. Since the baby cannot breathe on its own while in the womb, the mother must deliver all the oxygen and nutrients that the baby needs to it. This process is completed through the umbilical cord.


In this cord is a vein, called the umbilical vein. This vein is what is responsible for delivering the oxygenated blood that the baby needs from the placenta. They also help with the gas exchange that takes place in the place of breathing before the baby has been delivered.

When the cord becomes wrapped around the neck, this could cause it to become blocked or kinked. This could lead to the baby not receiving the right amount of oxygen. When the baby is not receiving the oxygen that it needs, there could be many negative consequences.

One of the most common areas that can become damaged when the baby does not receive enough oxygen is the brain. This is an extremely sensitive part of the body and handicaps can be the result of not enough oxygen.

In the end, the umbilical cord can wrap around any portion of the body and cause fetal distress. It is not necessarily the fact that it is wrapped around the neck that is the problem, but rather the possibility of it becoming kinked or blocked.

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