Shyane Lamas and Nik Richie Expecting Second Child Via Surrogate


1 Triumph After Loss

After one of the most tragic experiences a couple could ever experience, happiness is returning for Shyane Lamas and Nik Richie. The couple is expecting their second child via surrogate. The “Couples Therapy” reunion episode that aired on September 3rd made it seem like Shyane was pregnant, but the couple confirmed that they are in fact expecting a baby via a gestational carrier.

Couples Therapy Reunion- Shayne and Nik

The couple’s rep issued a release, saying: “Shayne and Nik are thankful to Dr. Smotrich of La Jolla IVF, as he was able to stimulate her ovaries and produce eggs which he converted to embryos,” the release explained. Nik stated, “Someone else is carrying our child. Shayne and I are truly excited to expand our family.”

2 Horrible Experience

It was February when tragedy struck for the happy couple. Shyane, then 20 weeks pregnant, was rushed to the hospital. The doctors performed emergency surgery but their son, who they later named Rex Jagger, was growing outside her uterus and couldn’t be saved.

Shyane then 20 weeks pregnant was rushed to the hospital

In the process, Shayne underwent an emergency hysterectomy, and she lost her uterus and half her bladder. She was in a coma for days. After the doctors and staff at the hospital saved her life multiple times, Shyane was finally able to come home.

“Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I’ve cried reading the expression of generosity and warmth from everyone,” the 28-year-old said in a statement on Thursday, Feb. 20. “I’m out of ICU at Mission Viejo Hospital. I cannot thank the medical staff here enough for not giving up on me.”

3 Putting The Pieces Back Together

The couple, who wed in April 2010, are already parents to a 2 year old daughter, Press Dahl Lamas- Richie. Back in March, Shayne expressed interest in trying to use a gestational surrogate, but she thought it was a long shot.

Back in March, Shayne expressed interest in trying to use a gestational surrogate

“Someone is missing, and I don’t want to have a child to fill that void but I am feeling I am missing something…” Shayne told In Touch Weekly magazine in March. “Even though the surrogate could be a long shot—it is a whole process obviously—you have to look at the beacon of hope.”

It really is so great to hear that Shayne and Nik are going to have another baby, even though the entire process is sure to be a hard and emotional road. We wish Shayne, Nik and big sister Press all the happiness and luck in the world and can’t wait to celebrate their new bundle of joy with them.

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