Natural Remedies to Help Conceive Twins


Having twins is preferable for many women for a number of reasons. Some are older and may not have time to have another child before they are not able to conceive anymore. Others are looking to avoid the stressful nature of going through more than one pregnancy.

Whatever your reasons for wanting twins, you will be happy to know that there are some natural things that you can do to help improve your chances of becoming pregnant with twins. Here are some of the most popular and effective remedies that you will find anywhere.

Natural Options

There are several natural things that could increase your chances of becoming pregnant. For example, women who come from a family with twins, it is more likely for her to become pregnant with twins. Age also plays a factor as does weight. Women who are older and a bit overweight tend to have an easier time becoming pregnant with twins.

Folic Acid

For those who don’t fall into the natural section may be able to increase their chances of becoming pregnant with twins by increasing their intake of folic acid. Some women have found that having more of this nutrient in their system will give them a better chance of becoming pregnant with twins. However, research has not proven this so you may get different results than other women.



Some women have also found that they have a better chance of becoming pregnant with twins when they increase the amount of dairy that they consume. This food has actually been studied when it comes to producing twins. Women who are vegan have been shown to have a lower chance of becoming pregnant with twins and it appears that dairy may be the reason.


Women who eat yams are also more likely to have twins. This super food is something that women in a small village in Africa eat regularly. This is also the small village that has a higher number of twin births than anywhere else in the world. So, if you really want to give yourself a good chance of becoming pregnant with twins, this is definitely a food that you should add to your diet.

Keep in mind that there isn’t anything that can guarantee that you will become pregnant with twins. It is also not possible to increase your chances of becoming pregnant with identical twins. However, these are great methods to increase your chances of becoming pregnant with fraternal twins.

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