Clomid Pills Over the Counter to Get Pregnant


There are many women around the world who are currently struggling to become pregnant. However, there are also many things that can be used to help improve their chances of becoming pregnant. Fertility drugs are one of these popular options and one of the most common is Clomid.

Clomid is highly successful for women who are struggling to control their ovulation cycle and has helped many women become pregnant in the past. However, there are also some side effects that should be considered as well and before you decide if Clomid is right for you, you should first learn more about it.

1. What is Clomid?

Clomid is a popular fertility drug that is often the first thing that is prescribed to women who are struggling to become pregnant. By taking this, women who are unable to have an ovulation cycle find that they become more regular and easier to track. Clomid is inexpensive, which is important because most insurance will not pay for fertility treatments.


Women are very attracted to Clomid because it allows them to take a fertility drug without worrying about having an injection administered. It also has fewer side effects than fertility drugs that are typically injected, which is also a bit bonus for women who are looking to become pregnant.

2. How much do you take?

Depending on the specific woman, doctors may prescribe anything from 59 mg to 200 mg. Whatever the dosage is, it will be taken for 5 to 9 days for a maximum of three cycles. Most women who begin taking Clomid are able to become pregnant during this time, but for those who don’t the dosage may be increased for another three cycles.


Doctors will begin women on a low dosage of Clomid in order to avoid possible complications that may occur if the woman takes a higher dosage of it. Because women will each react differently to the drug, it is difficult to determine the effect of a specific dosage without trying it out first.

3. Side Effects

There are some side effects that should be mentioned if you are considering taking Clomid. To begin with, it is more common to become pregnant with twins if you take Clomid when trying to become pregnant. It is also more likely for a woman to develop emotional issues while taking Clomid, as well as other symptoms, like the thinning of the uterine lining, hot flashes and breast tenderness.

There have also been some instances where Clomid has caused the body to create hostile cervical mucus that can actually kill the sperm when it enters the body. This mucus can keep the egg from being fertilized and can even keep the egg from implanting in the uterus, which will cause an early miscarriage or make it more difficult for a woman to become pregnant.


However, these side effects are rarely noted and most women are able to use Clomid without any issues. The main concern for most women would be the increase in the chance of having twins, but this increase is minimal as well.

4. Is it successful?

When women are trying to become pregnant, there is only about a 25% chance that they will become pregnant in the first month. As they continue to try, this percentage increases, but with Clomid it increases even faster. The first month that a woman takes Clomid, she has a 30% chance of becoming pregnant.

After a woman has been taking Clomid for six months, she will find that her chance of becoming pregnant increases to 40% to 45%. While this may not seem as though it is a very high percent, the women who begin taking Clomid are those who had little to know chance of becoming pregnant without it.

After taking Clomid for six months, doctors are likely to move on to something else if a woman has not been able to conceive during this time. Because of this, there is little to no research that has been conducted on women who have continued taking Clomid over six months.

5. Conclusion

Clomid is very effective and has helped many women to return their ovulation cycle to a schedule that can be managed easily. In fact, 80% of women who begin taking Clomid are able to see their ovulation cycle return to normal; most often in the first month of taking it.


This is definitely an option that you should discuss with your doctor so that you can learn more about it and see if it is an option that will work for you and your medical needs.

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