Do I Use My Leftover Clomid?


Clomid. It’s the number one fertility drug of choice today, and it’s usually the first step that doctors try when a woman is having trouble conceiving. Clomid has really great success rates, and more than 80 percent of women who take it will begin ovulating shortly thereafter. Of that 80 percent, close to 50 percent will wind up pregnant.

The only downside of this great success rate is that (luckily) it doesn’t always take women very long to become pregnant while on Clomid, and sometimes women are not sure what to do with their leftover Clomid that they have after getting pregnant. So, the question is, is it safe to take leftover Clomid later on down the road to try to get pregnant again?

1. Using Leftover Clomid

While it might be extremely tempting to use your leftover Clomid to try to get pregnant again without another trip to your doctor or fertility clinic, experts advise that you really should not do that. You really have no idea what is actually going on inside your body until you see a doctor.


There is really no way to tell if the fertility issues that you were suffering before are still an issue. The body has a funny way of correcting itself sometimes, and you might not need that Clomid again after all.

Although it can be very tempting to go ahead and self medicate, that is really something you should not do. You should always seek a doctor’s help and advice before taking Clomid, and your doctor can prescribe you new medication should you need it. Taking old or outdated medications can cause problems for you.

2. What To Do With Leftover Clomid

If you have leftover Clomid from a previous cycle, what should you do with it? Of course, there is always the option to simply throw it away. However, women who have suffered from infertility in the past know how valuable Clomid is, and throwing it away might seem like throwing away gold.


It is technically illegal to sell medication that is prescribed to you, so steer clear of any forums or message boards where women are buying or selling meds. You can look into charities or non profits that take donated medications like Clomid to help other couples who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

IF you are a part of a fertility support group, this could be a good place to start in looking for a place to donate your unneeded medications. While it can be frustrating to know that you paid good money for meds that you don’t need, take heart in the fact that not needing the medications anymore means that you have succeeded on your fertility journey.

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