FDA Approves Bravelle and Menopur IVF Cocktail To Treat Infertility


 1 Just Announced

Exciting news, just announced! Ferring Pharmaceuticals has recently announced that the FDA has approved new labeling for Menopur (menotropins) injections and Bravelle (urofollitropin) injections.

 Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced that the FDA has approved the use of Bravelle and Menopur as a combination IVF treatment

The new labeling states that both products can be mixed and safely administered in a single injection. This is huge news in the IVF drug, and it makes this combination the only combo IVF injection to be mixed in a single syringe. This is really big news in the fertility world, and is an exciting step forward in making IVF less complicated.

2 Safety First

There have been extensive studies on the safety of mixing the Bravelle and Menopur injections, and they all state that it is safe and stable. The mixed protocol does not interfere with the delivery of the indicated dosage of either of the medications, meaning that they both work as planned.

New studies have shown Bravelle to be a safe and effective solution to fertility problems

This proves that the drugs can safely be mixed together with no adverse interactions. When planning to mix a drug together for use in an injection like this, it is very important that it be tested for safety first to make sure that patients won’t be under any sort of risk.

FDA has approved guidelines for the use of Menopur and Bravelle to be used together to treat infertility

3 About The Drugs

Both Menopur and Bravelle contain follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone activity. This means, they both help to stimulate a woman’s ovaries and help them to make eggs successfully.

Menopur helps with the development of multiple follicles for patients that are going through an assisted reproductive technology (ART) program.

Bravelle is used to induce ovulation in patients suffering from infertility

Bravelle is used in conjunction with hCG, and is used for inducing ovulation in patients who have received previous pituitary suppression, and to help the development of multiple follicles as a part of ART cycles in patients who had previously received pituitary suppression.

4 An Exciting Step

“The approval of this combo drug is a big step for IVF treatments, and allows a single injection for the two drugs,” Nick Hart, Ferring’s Business Unit Head for U.S. Reproductive Health said, “Ferring is excited to provide an IVF treatment option that requires fewer injections.”

The FDA approval for the combination of these 2 drugs is a new step in IVF treatment

“We are pleased with the FDA’s response and look forward to offering physicians and patients the ability for customization and a simplified treatment protocol.” This is really great news, and it is exciting to hear. We will be paying close attention to see what other developments are made in the world of fertility in the near future. The world of fertility is changing rapidly, and it is always exciting to see what is on the horizon.

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