Fertility and Infertility Drugs and Medications


When it comes to fertility medication for women, there are quite a few different options available out there. Fertility medication used to be a very narrow field, with only a few options available, but these days women who need fertility medication are finding that they do have choices. Read on for some of the most common fertility medications for the ladies.

1 Clomid and More

By far, the most common prescription oral fertility drug is Clomid. It is a drug that is known to jumpstart ovulation in women who are having trouble ovulating for whatever reason. It is a fairly inexpensive drugs, and it has been used for more than 25 years safely.

Some women do have side effects from Clomid but they are usually minor and actually mirror pregnancy symptoms, so they are not anything unmanageable. Clomid is usually a very successful first place to start for fertility medication for women. There is also a new oral medication to induce ovulation called Femara.


Femara was first used to treat breast cancer patients, and it is quickly becoming the drug of choice to help with ovulation. However, some women might benefit from other oral drugs as well. For example, women who suffer from PCOS might benefit from Metformin, a drug known to help diabetics control their blood sugar. All of this depends on your particular situation and your medical history.

2 Gonadotropins and More

When oral prescription ovulation medication fails to work for whatever reason, doctors usually try to move on to more powerful options. Gonadotropins are injectable fertility drugs that are often used when oral medications don’t work.


These drugs are more powerful and more potent than oral drugs, which also means they sometimes have more side effects. These drugs are also usually more expensive than other drugs, so keep that in mind as well. Also, there are a few other fertility drugs that are sometimes used in very rare cases, but not very often. Ask your doctor for more information on these.

3 Fertility Blends and More

If women are looking for a non-prescription treatment for infertility, there are a few options out there. Most of them are fertility blends like ConceiveEasy.

Fertibella Conceiveeasy Pills

 These drugs are not really drugs, but herbal and multivitamin supplements that contain important fertility boosting ingredients. These fertility blends are a great choice for the woman is not currently ready to see a fertility specialist.

It might be the cost that is holding her back, or the fear of putting unknown chemicals into her body, but for whatever reason, fertility blends offer an inexpensive natural approach to fertility without all the hassle of prescription drugs. However, when fertility blends don’t cut it, sometimes a doctor’s visit is in order.

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