Where Can I Get My Hands On Free Fertility Pills?


When it comes to fertility treatments, it’s no secret that they are super expensive. With the economy being in the shape that it is today, many couple cannot afford expensive, drawn out fertility treatments. Many couples, besides wanting a quick fix, want a cheap or free option for fertility treatments. But, are there really any free options out there? Let’s talk about it and see.

eBay vs. Craigslist

1 Fertility Drug Donations

Sometimes, couples will buy several months’ worth of prescription fertility pills like Clomid, when they are planning to use them for several months. Due to unexpected circumstances, sometimes the couple ends up not needing all of the fertility pills that they have on hand.

Sometimes, a couple will get pregnant sooner than they thought possible, leaving them with extra fertility pills on hand. Other times, a couple will decide for some reason that they are not ready to conceive after all, and will have the pills on hand that they do not need. There are many charities and nonprofit organizations that handle things like this, so search around and see what you can come up with.

Charity and non profit fertility treatments

2 Lifestyle Changes

There are a few free fertility options out there that couples can do on their own without a doctor’s treatments. These are not medications, but instead some simple and basic lifestyle changes that might be able to make a big difference. There are many things that are simple that couples can do to boost their fertility that are free.

Some examples? Stop smoking, stay away from illegal drugs and avoid alcohol. These things are known to really take a toll on your fertility, so avoiding them might help to boost fertility. Want more ideas for things that you can do to boost fertility that are free? You can make sure that you eat a healthy diet, and make sure to get enough exercise.

I dont need drugs to have a good time, but I do need them to get through any family functions.

Weight issues, including being overweight or underweight, can really take a toll on fertility, so maintaining a healthy weight will go a long way towards keeping your body in the best shape to have a baby. Ask your doctor for more recommendations of lifestyle modifications that can boost fertility.

3 Free Samples

Sometimes, if you talk to your doctor and explain your personal financial situation, your doctor may be able to help you on your quest for free fertility pills. Sometimes doctors can get free samples of fertility drugs to give out to their customers. They get these drugs for free from the pharmaceutical companies, and they are the same as the expensive prescription versions. Talk with your doctor and see if these free samples are an option for your situation.

4 Refund Treatments

It might sound crazy, but some fertility clinics offer a “money back guarantee”, or a “pay as you go” treatment option. These fertility clinics offer the same services as regular fertility clinics, and you pay a certain rate up front, a sort of flat fee. These clinics will give you a certain amount of time to fulfill your treatments.

Money Back Guarantee

If by the time you have the treatments completed, you still are not pregnant, you can get some or all of your money back. Be very careful if you enter into an agreement with a fertility clinic that operates with a refund policy, because there are usually quite a few stipulations or rules that you have to keep up with in order to be a part of the program. These can be very hard to keep up with. However, a refundable fertility clinic option is a great choice for many couples who want some sort of guarantee when they are trying to conceive.

5 Over the Counter Meds

While not technically free, over the counter medications can be a much cheaper option for couples who are trying to conceive. You can get fertility herbal supplements over the counter for a very cheap price, and these can help to boost your fertility naturally without any chemicals or side effects.

Where Can I Buy Fertibella?

You can also buy prenatal vitamins very inexpensively and they can also help to boost your fertility and ready your body for pregnancy. Sometimes, you can even get prenatal vitamins for free from your local clinic or health department. You can also buy over the counter fertility blends, which are a combination of many different fertility supplements all in one. These are not free, but compared to prescription fertility drugs, they are much, much cheaper and can be a great choice for many couples.

6 Clinical Trials

Sometimes, fertility clinics will host clinical trials for new fertility treatments, and they may provide free treatment in exchange for getting couples to take part in their trials. Sometimes you can call university medical centers or other major medical centers to find out if they take part in any of these trials. You do need to carefully research all the aspects of getting involved in one of these trials.

Fertility Clinics and Clinical Trials

Many times, the medications and treatments given in these trials have not been approved, and of course, there are no guarantees that they will work. Make sure to also carefully research the doctors that will be performing the trial, and also the facilities where the trials will be done.

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