How Likely am I to Have Twins on Clomid?


There are many women who struggle to become pregnant. This struggle can be very frustrating and time consuming for both them and their partner. There are many things that can help with the process, however. One of the first fertility drugs that doctors will often turn to in these circumstances is Clomid. Unfortunately, Clomid does create an increased chance of twins. Learning more about the drug and your chances of having twins is the best way to determine if it is right for you.

What is It?

Clomid is a prescription drugs that helps women deal with issues related to ovulation. Ovulation is the process your body goes through to release an egg into the uterus. When this does not happen each month, it is impossible to become pregnant.

Clomid is designed to help encourage a woman’s body to begin ovulating. Most women begin ovulating within the first three months of taking it. There are some women who require longer than this time frame, but it is not something you will typically take longer than six months.

Twin Chances

As before mentioned, when you take Clomid, there is a greater chance that you will become pregnant with twins. This is because the drug makes it possible for the woman’s body to release more than one egg at a time. If both eggs become fertilized, the women will become pregnant with twins.

Luckily, the chance of becoming pregnant with twins while you are taking Clomid is still pretty small. A normal woman, who becomes pregnant without the aid of the drug, has about a 4% chance of becoming pregnant with twins. If the same woman was to take Clomid, she would have a 10% chance of becoming pregnant with twins. Becoming pregnant with triplets or multiple children are even smaller at 1%.

One interesting thing to note is that Clomid only increases your chances of becoming pregnant with fraternal twins. Identical twins are conceived from the same egg, so the drug will not affect your chances of becoming pregnant with this type of twin.

Naturally, there are alternatives to Clomid. However, the prescription versions offer the same risks, if not greater risks, when it comes to becoming pregnant with twins. There are some natural supplements you can find over the counter that can be very helpful at replicating the effects of Clomid. However, you should discuss all your options and the risks they present with your doctor before you begin taking anything on your own.

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