Using Clomid with regular ovulation: multiples?


One of the best things about Clomid is that it can help keep ovulation regular. It is designed to be taken by women who are not ovulating regularly, which is causing them to struggle to conceive. For the most part, doctors will be hesitant to prescribe medication to women who are ovulating regularly.

Clomid also comes with its risks. For example, it is more common for women taking Clomid to become pregnant with twins than it is when they avoid taking the drug. This is caused when a woman’s body releases more than one egg when she ovulated. Naturally, if a woman is ovulating regularly and is taking Clomid, there is a chance that this will happen.


However, the chances a woman has of having twins while taking Clomid is actually pretty small. It is estimated that about 10% of women who take Clomid will wind up becoming pregnant with twins. It is less than 1% of women taking Clomid that become pregnant with more than two babies.

In order to stay healthy, it is always best to only take Clomid when you actually need to take it. This means taking the drug only when your doctor suggests, and only when you are not ovulating regularly. Doing so will help keep you healthy and not introduce unneeded chemicals into your body while you are trying to conceive.

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