Which Prenatal Vitamins Have DHA?


DHA is an important part of a prenatal vitamin for women who are pregnant. It is an item that can help with the development of your baby and help improve your health at the same time. Unfortunately, DHA is something that is difficult to consume on your own. In fact, most women only eat 2 ounces of DHA instead of the 8-10 ounces that is recommended.

Along with being important when a woman is pregnant, DHA can be helpful when a woman is trying to conceive as well. DHA can help improve the woman’s overall health, which can help balance her hormones and make it easier for her to release healthy, mature eggs.

Getting the right amount of DHA will mean that you need to take certain prenatal vitamins. Here are some of the top options to consider.

Nature Made

Nature Made is one of the most popular vitamin brands out there. When it comes to prenatal vitamins, the company produces a Prenatal Multi + DHA, which is great for those women who are looking to add more DHA to their diets. One of the best things about this particular vitamin is that it is designed to help improve how the woman absorbs the vitamins.

Spring Valley

This brand also has a great option for a prenatal vitamin with DHA. In addition to DHA, folic acid is also included and enhanced in this vitamin. There are also great options for women who prefer not to swallow medicine in the way of a chewable gummy.


One a Day

This popular vitamin brand also has a great option for added DHA in a prenatal vitamin. One a Day offers 100% of your daily folic acid needs as well as your DHA. It actually has two different pills, one for a multivitamin and a second for DHA/EPA.

Brain Strong

Brain Strong is another great option that women can take while they are pregnant. It contains the right amount of folic acid and DHA and is something you can take before, during and after your pregnancy.  Taking them after you have given birth can help you with breast feeding and make you healthier during this time as well.

These are all some great options for women looking to add DHA to their diet. However, you should discuss the prenatal vitamin with your doctor first in order to make sure you will be getting enough of the other nutrients included. This will be the best way to make sure you are getting the right nutrients to keep both you and your baby healthy.

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