5 Foods that May Hurt Male Fertility 


While most of the time people view fertility issues as problems only women face, men can also suffer from fertility problems. A number of reasons can cause male infertility, but research is now saying that certain items in a man’s diet can actually make a difference.

So, if you are struggling to conceive with your partner, you may want to take a look at your diet and eliminate these five foods. They have been shown to hurt male fertility and make it harder for men to produce healthy sperm.

Processed Foods

When food is processed, a lot of the nutrients that our bodies need are taken out. In addition to this, additional chemicals are placed in the food. These chemicals can cause a man’s body to create unhealthy sperm that is not ready to fertilize an egg.

One of the biggest culprits that causes issues is processed meats. The reason for this is because additional hormones are added to the meat, which can cause issues with sperm quality. Instead of relying on this food, make sure you stick with meats and foods that are not processed.


One mistake that people make when they are examining their diet is to discount the things they drink in addition to the foods they eat. However, these are actually an important part of the equation. Research shows that men who drink cola on a daily basis have a lower sperm count than those who do not drink the sugary beverage.

This is dangerous for a couple of reasons. First, the additional sugar intake is a huge factor in this issue. In addition to this, the chemicals used to treat the products used to create cola are extremely dangerous for healthy sperm.


Full-Fat Dairy

Although dairy is actually considered to be healthy for us, it can actually harm a man’s sperm count. Men who consume two servings of full-fat dairy every day tend to have sperm that is slower and not as plentiful.

However, before you switch from dairy completely, understand that it is usually effective enough to simply switch to a lower fat option. For example, if you commonly consume whole milk, switching to 1% or 2% may be the answer.


Carbs are now showing to have an effect on fertility. They actually have the power to increase insulin levels and affect your blood-sugar. In the end, these are both things that can actually cause you to become less healthy.

When you are not healthy, all areas of your body can suffer. This could mean that you are not producing plentiful sperm that is healthy enough to fertilize your partner’s egg.

Non-Organic Produce

Finally, while fruits and vegetables are a healthy option for those who are looking to conceive with their partner, the pesticides that are used on non-organic produce are not. Instead, you should stick with the organic versions so you are not faced with health conditions related to these pesticides. Along with issues related to health, it is common for these pesticides to cause issues with sperm as well.

These are all items you should avoid when you are trying to conceive with your partner. In order to produce the healthiest sperm possible, make sure you are staying away from these particular food options.

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