Age and Fertility


Our bodies go through quite a bit as we get older. For starters, they tend to get weaker as we age. It is also easier for us to develop health conditions when we are older than it was when we were younger. All of these factors play a huge role in our ability to have children. If you are looking to have kids, but are older, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Effects on Women

The fertility of women is affected greatly by age. One of the main issues they face is with the health and number of their eggs. Since women are not able to recreate the eggs they are given when they are born, age can definitely make it harder for them to conceive.

Over time, women lose the eggs they were given. Whether this loss comes from an injury, medical condition or from the natural ovulation process, the decline in their numbers makes it harder to conceive. Also, as they age, it is common for the eggs to no longer be healthy enough to be fertilized when they are released.

Women who are over the age of 35 are commonly forced to resort to fertility treatments, like IVF in order to become pregnant. In many instances, they are even forced to purchase donor eggs to be able to conceive. Unfortunately, this is an expensive process and many women are not able to afford the high costs.


Effects on Men

Men can also be affected by age. While they are able to recreate their sperm on a regular basis, their general age can make it harder for them to produce sperm that is healthy and that has a high motility. Health conditions that men develop as they age can also make it harder for their sperm to be healthy.

All of these factors play a role in fertility. So, if you are looking to become pregnant but are concerned about your age, make sure you talk to your doctor about your health. Sometimes, this is something that can help ensure you are able to become pregnant. Your doctor will be able to take a look at your current medical conditions and health and determine what needs to change in order to improve the health of your reproductive system.

Along with this, you should make sure you are taking care of your health and maintaining a healthy weight. Being generally unhealthy can make it even harder to become pregnant when you are older. However, by keeping these items under control, you will also be able to make sure your hormones are balanced, which can make it easier for you to conceive quickly.

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