Can you Get Pregnant on Birth Control During Placebo Week


Many women turn to birth control pills as a reliable, inexpensive form of birth control. However, understanding how birth control works can be very difficult. Birth control works with women taking the hormonal birth control pill for three weeks, and then taking a placebo, or sugar pill, for one week.

The placebo pill week is when women should get their period. Many women are concerned about whether or not they can get pregnant before their period starts on the week of their placebo pills. The truth is, since the birth control doesn’t work daily, it is not impossible but unlikely to get pregnant during placebo week.


The birth control pill works by building up hormones over a period of time, instead of daily. That means, as long as you take your pill every day, you should not have to worry about getting pregnant. If you miss a pill or more than one pill, you will be more likely to get pregnant.

The truth is, as long as you are taking your pills as directed, you are no more likely to get pregnant during placebo week than you are during the weeks of your active pills. Just remember to take your pills daily, and you shouldn’t have anything at all to worry about.



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