Free Fertility Pills: Can I Get them for Free?


For couples who are struggling to become pregnant, fertility pills have always been a fantastic option. They can help treat a number of conditions and make it much easier to become pregnant. In fact, many couples are not able to become pregnant unless they choose to rely on fertility pills.

Unfortunately, fertility pills aren’t always that affordable. In many instances, the pills a doctor wishes to prescribe to a woman are so expensive that the woman cannot afford them on her own. This causes the woman to seek alternate options or look for ways to get free fertility pills.

Can you Get them For Free?

It can be extremely difficult to find free fertility pills. There are some options out there for clinical trials, so make sure you look into this option. A clinical trial is great because you can typically get fertility pills for free. Sometimes these trials are testing a new type of pill and other times they are looking to improve how an already existing one works.

One of the downsides of this type of program, however, is that you have a chance of being placed in the placebo group instead of the group receiving the actual drug. This could mean that you are still not able to become pregnant because you really aren’t receiving the help you need.


Another option you should look into is whether or not your insurance policy will pay for your fertility pills. Some policies are set up where they will pay for a certain type of pill, which may be helpful in your circumstance. Before you begin paying for something on your own, talk to your insurance company about the ones they pay for and discuss these options with your doctor.

Inexpensive Options

Even though you will have to pay for them on your own, there are some ways to get more inexpensive options. For example, Conceive Easy is a system that helps women become pregnant. With this system, you receive vitamins and nutrients that can help regulate your hormones and ovulation predictor kits. Both of these items are extremely helpful when you are trying to become pregnant.

Another great option is the supplements you find over the counter at your local drug store. These are a natural option and many women prefer them to the prescriptions their doctor provide them. They offer a limited number of side effects and work naturally in the woman’s body. One of the downsides, however, is that they tend to take longer to work than prescription fertility pills.

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