Home Remedies to Increase Sperm Count


Infertility is something that many couples suffer from, and can actually be caused by the male in many cases. Having low sperm count is almost always the issue when it comes to male infertility. However, there are many things that a man can do to help improve his sperm count.

The first remedy is to make sure that the man is keeping his genitals cool by avoiding tight clothing. He should also make sure that he avoids areas that would add additional heat to this region, like hot tubs.

Having-low-sperm-count-is-almost-always-the-issue-when-it-comes-to-male-infertilityA healthy diet and exercise program is also important when it comes to increasing sperm count. Many times, it is found that it is the diet of a man that is causing his sperm count to be low. Removing stress and practicing relaxation methods is also an important part of the process.

Finally, there are many different herbal supplements that a man can take to help improve his sperm count. These are all available over the counter and there is no need for a prescription. However, it is always best to discuss your options with your doctor so that you can determine which option is the best one for you to rely on.

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