Can I get Pregnant if I’ve had Chlamydia?


It is possible to become pregnant if you have had chlamydia in the past. However, your chances will depend on whether the infection was treated properly. About one in five women who have developed chlamydia in the past are actually infertile because it wasn’t treated properly.

The reason that chlamydia is so serious is because it can cause scarring in the fallopian tubes. If the tubes become scarred, it is possible that they can become blocked. This will cause the eggs to be unable to pass into the uterus where they can become fertilized.

It-is-possible-to-become-pregnant-if-you-have-had-chlamydia-in-the-pastIf you are in this situation, there are some options available. Some women find that medical treatment is the best option to open up the fallopian tubes again. However, this is not always successful and many women are still not able to become pregnant.

Another option that you can consider is in-vitro fertilization. With this procedure, you can use donor eggs and sperm to become pregnant. However, it is also possible for you to use your partner’s sperm along with donor eggs if desired. These items are then fertilized in a lab an inserted directly into your uterus. The embryo then has the opportunity to attach to your uterine wall so that you can become pregnant.

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