Can I get Pregnant with My IUD in Place?


An IUD is extremely effective at preventing pregnancy. In fact, it is over 99% effective and will prevent pregnancy in most instances. It is a device that is intended to prevent pregnancy for several years while the device is in place.

If you have decided that you are ready to become pregnant, the best thing that you can do is have the device removed. This is a simple procedure and can be completed in your doctor’s office. You should be able to return to normal fertility after the device has been removed.

There-are-some-women-who-do-become-pregnant-with-the-device-in-placeThere are some women who do become pregnant with the device in place. This could be that the device has actually fallen out or that they have left it into long. However, it is extremely rare for a woman to become pregnant with an active IUD in place.

It is actually important that you have the device removed before you become pregnant. If the device is left in place, it is possible that there will be pregnancy complications develop. The most common issue that women will face when they leave their IUD in place is a miscarriage. For this reason, it is better to remove the device before you begin trying to become pregnant.

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