How To Get Pregnant For Dummies


Getting pregnant. It seems like a pretty simple thing, right? I mean, people have been having babies for hundreds, thousands, of years, and they didn’t need detailed instructions on how to do so.

Getting pregnant seems so simple. Until it isn't

However, getting pregnant isn’t that easy for everyone. Some couples struggle with fertility, and getting pregnant is something that must be worked at. If you are one of those people, don’t fret. Read on for some tips on how to get pregnant, quickly, and easily.

1 Step 1: See A Doctor

Seeing a doctor is a great place to start your fertility journey. Now, this doesn’t need to be a fertility doctor, just your regular family doctor should do. Seeing a doctor is a great way to get some insight into what (if any) fertility problems you may face along the way. If you haven’t had an annual physical in a while, this is also a good time for your doctor to take a look and see if there are any potential problems.

See your doctor for a preconception appointment

By taking a look at your medical records, including your age, family history, past health issues, current medications, and more, your doctor will be able to provide ideas for you to help minimize any fertility problems and maximize your chances of fertility success.

2 Step 2: Make Any Necessary Lifestyle Changes

It’s important, when you are trying to conceive, to make sure that you are living the most healthy life possible. This can be accomplished very easily. Simply remember: more good stuff, less bad stuff. If you eat a ton of fast food, cut back. Replace it with whole foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

You are what you eat

If you are addicted to coffee, cut down and replace it with water. If you smoke, just stop. If you drink or use illegal drugs, again, just stop. Get off the couch and get some exercise. Cut out any stresses that you can, and try to relax more. All of these things will go a long way towards helping your body get ready for pregnancy.

3 Step 3: Know When You’re Fertile

Knowing when you are fertile is a huge step in getting pregnant. If you are having sex 20 days out of the month that does no good if you are having sex on the wrong 20 days of the month! The truth is, most women only have a small window of between five and seven days in which they can get pregnant. To know which days these are, you have to know when you ovulate.

Ovulation is when the egg is released to be fertilized, and it is important that you be prepared when it happens. You can track your fertile days by charting your basal body temperature, looking for physical clues, such as changes in your cervical mucus, or you can use a ovulation predictor kit to determine when you are most fertile.

4 Step 4: Have Sex On Your Fertile Days

Once you know when your fertile days are, make sure that you are having sex during those days. You don’t have to have sex every single day during ovulation to get pregnant, though.

Most experts suggest that by having sex every other day during ovulation is plenty. Some couples choose to have sex a day or two leading up to ovulation as well. This is a good idea, because sperm can live longer in the body than the egg can. If the sperm is already in place when the egg is released, there is a pretty good chance of pregnancy occurring.

Timing intercourse during ovulation is key to getting pregnant

Some couples also pay close attention to their sexual positions during ovulation sex. Basically, any position that puts the sperm closer to the egg is a good choice. So, look for positions that give the deepest penetration, such as missionary with hips raised, or all fours (doggy style).

5 Step 5: Be Patient

It can be very hard to be patient when you want to be pregnant, like, last month. However, stress does nothing but make it harder for you to get pregnant, so try to relax. Realize that every couple is different, every woman is different and every situation is different. Some couples get pregnant right away, and some try for years.

Try to be patient when trying to conceive

You might feel better if you don’t share with your friends and family that you are trying, since they might pressure you or bombard you with constant questions. Other women feel more comfortable if they have other women who understand them, so try joining and online support group or message board to join in with other women who are going through a similar struggle.

6 Step 6: See A Doctor (Again).

If you are under age 35, and have been trying to conceive for more than a year, it is time to go back to the doctor. If you are over 35, and have been trying for more than six months, then you should go back to the doctor as well. If you haven’t had success by this time, it might indicate that there are underlying fertility issues that need to be addressed.

See your doctor if you suspect you may be experiencing infertility. Preferably a cute one!

However, most of the time, doctors are able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is, and then develop a course of action so that couples are able to get pregnant on their own. Don’t be afraid of going to the doctor if you are having trouble getting pregnant, they are often able to help right away.

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Ms. Ledoux began her career as an ObGyn nurse practitioner prior to becoming a practicing midwife in the Santa Cruz community. Working together with ObGyn physicians in her own practice, she has over 20 years experience in women's health, pregnancy and childbirth.

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