Tips on How to Conceive a Boy 


Most couples who are deciding to have a baby have a preference regarding which gender they have. In some instances, the gender preferred is a boy. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to guarantee that you will become pregnant with a boy. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving a little boy.

Track your Ovulation Cycle

To start with, make sure you are tracking your ovulation cycle. You can do this by using an ovulation predictor kit or a basal thermometer first thing each morning. These tools are extremely popular and easy to find and use. You simply use them daily to determine when you are ovulating. The best option, when you are trying to become pregnant with a boy, is to have intercourse as close to the day you ovulate as possible.

Male sperm will not live as long as female sperm, so this can help make sure they reach the egg first. Also, they tend to swim faster than female sperm, which also helps them to reach the egg first when you have sex close to the day you ovulate. During the rest of the month, you should avoid having intercourse. Female sperm can live quite a bit longer than male sperm, so if you have intercourse some time before you ovulate, it is possible for them to hang around and fertilize the egg.


Have Deep Intercourse

Another tip that can help make it easier to have a boy instead of a girl is to have intercourse that involves deep penetration. This helps to put the sperm closer to the cervix where it can easily reach the egg quickly. Since male sperm swim faster, they are more likely to reach the egg first.

Also, male sperm do not interact well with acidic substances. Unfortunately, the opening of the vagina is very acidic. When you have deep intercourse, you are able to avoid your sperm coming in contact with this acidic area, which can help make sure that more male sperm is present and ready to fertilize the egg.

These are just a few of the things you can do to increase your chances of becoming pregnant with a boy. However, keep in mind that there is never a guarantee and you can’t force yourself to become pregnant with a boy instead of a girl. Instead, you will find that it is mostly luck that allows you to become pregnant with one gender over the other.

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