Can Herpes cause Infertility in Females


Herpes is a very common sexually transmitted disease that affects many men and women. Up to sixty percent of people who have herpes have absolutely no symptoms at all, which means that sufferers might not even know that they have the disease, and can unknowingly pass it on to others.

So, does herpes affect fertility in women? The answer is that herpes does not directly affect a woman’s ability to conceive. However, since couples are advised to avoid sexual contact during active outbreaks, this can make conceiving take longer.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that when the first herpes outbreak is experienced during the first trimester of pregnancy, it can be too strong for the body to take, thus causing a miscarriage.

herpes-does-not-directly-affect-a-womans-ability-to-conceiveAlso, when the first herpes outbreak is experienced during the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby might not have had enough time to develop enough antibodies to the disease, and this can result in infant death.

If you have herpes or another STD, make sure to talk to your doctor about any potential problems that could arise. Your doctor will be able to guide you through the process and help protect both mother and baby from any potential issues.

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