Do I Need a Sperm Count Test?


1 A Man’s Problem? 

Oftentimes, people are misinformed about infertility. Even today, many people believe that fertility issues are a woman’s problem. What they do not understand is that in at least one third of cases, the fertility problem is due to a male factor, and in another one third of cases, male factor infertility is at least a contributing factor.


Therefore, many men (and women) are wondering if they or their partners should seek out a sperm count test to determine if male factor infertility is the cause of their fertility issues. Many men do not want to seek fertility counseling and do not want to have a sperm count test or semen analysis done. However, there are many instances where doing just that can be a very good idea.

2 Male Versus Female Testing

It’s very important that couples consider the pros and cons of sperm count testing before going through with it. While getting a sperm count test done can sometimes be very embarrassing, it is a much less invasive test than some of the tests that women have to have done for fertility purposes.


That should definitely be considered. Also, sperm count testing is one of the least expensive forms of fertility testing out there, so it should be considered before more expensive forms of testing are tried.


Getting a sperm count test can save time and money if the sperm count is considered to be the problem. Many couples do not take these things into consideration and go on to have expensive, invasive and stressful fertility treatments that don’t help and that could have been otherwise avoided.

3 When To Get Tested

Most experts agree that it makes the most sense to have the male partner obtain a sperm count test after trying to conceive naturally, but before beginning other fertility treatments.


A sperm count test and complete male fertility workup might be a waste of time, but when compared to the financial, physical and emotional costs of female fertility treatments, it can be a great idea. A normal male fertility workup will start with a complete medical history, a physical exam and an open and honest talk with your doctor about your sexual history and any sexual problems.

doctor discussing with patient

Then, your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not it is a good idea to proceed with a sperm count test. Depending on the outcomes of that test, your doctor will be able to determine what you should do next.

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