How to Get Pregnant if Your Man has Low Sperm Count?


Many men suffer from low sperm count. You might think that if your man has a low sperm count, that you will be unable to get pregnant. However, that is not always the case. If you undergo fertility treatments like IVF that is probably the best way to get pregnant with low sperm count.

However, IVF is out of the reach of many women and doesn’t always work. The best way to get pregnant naturally if your man has low sperm count is to find ways to increase his sperm count. Keep your man away from anything that could overheat his testicles, since that can kill sperm.


This includes saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, tight clothing like bicycle gear, and wearing briefs. Also, make sure your man keeps his weight under control and eats a healthy diet. Taking a daily multivitamin, including folic acid is a great way for men to improve their sperm count as well.

If your man smokes or uses illegal drugs, that should be stopped immediately, since those things are very detrimental to sperm counts. Your man should also do whatever is needed to reduce stress in his life, since stress can hurt sperm count as well. Talk to your doctor about how you can improve your man’s sperm count.

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