How To Increase Your Sperm Count Naturally







 Many men who are trying to conceive with their partners are looking for ways to increase their sperm count. However, many men are not too keen on the idea of seeking fertility assistance or taking medication to increase their sperm count. Read on for some alternatives to medication that can help guys to improve their sperm count.


1 Have Sex Every Other Day - Not much of a punishment, is it guys? There have been many studies that show that having regular sex can actually improve the sperm counts of men with low sperm counts. Making sure to have regular sex can keep things running smoothly in this department. But when you’re trying to conceive, experts recommend sex every other day to give your sperm time to replenish. We’re sure your guy won’t complain too much.


2 Avoid Alcohol and Drugs - Too much alcohol can do a ton of damage to the body, as can abusing illegal drugs. Avoiding these things can go a long way towards improving sperm count. The same goes for tobacco too, so try to get your guy to cut down on the cigarettes if he smokes. Anything that should not be going into his body, keep it out, especially when you are trying to conceive.


3 Keep Em Cool - The testicles are actually located outside of a man’s body for a simple reason- they need to stay a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body. If the testicles get overheated, sperm damage can result. Keep your guy cool by making sure he doesn’t wear overly tight clothing or underwear, and advise him to stay away from hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas.

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4 Try Herbal Remedies - There are many herbs that are suggested for increasing sperm count. Many of these herbs have added benefits as well, such as improving overall sexual health, improving erections, and promoting sexual desire. Some of the most common herbs to be used for improving sperm counts are nutmeg, Korean ginseng, saw palmetto, and gingko biloba.


5 If All Else Fails, See Your Doctor - If you are not having any luck after trying natural remedies for low sperm count, encourage your man to seek a doctor’s advice. Sometimes, a doctor will be able to give personalized advice specific to your guy’s case, and it might not even involve medications.


Don’t ever be afraid to seek professional help for any health related issue. Often times, your doctor will be able to remedy your problem for you and that will be one less thing to worry about.

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