Male Fertility Testing  


For the most part, when a couple is having trouble conceiving, most of the focus remains on the female portion of the couple. However, it is actually extremely common for men to have issues with their fertility as well.

Male fertility testing is something that can help determine if any issues are present, what they are and what sort of treatment may be necessary. If you and your partner are trying to conceive, bur struggling to do so, this is something you may want to consider. Here is some more information to help you determine if male fertility testing is for you.

Initial Visit

When you first visit with a urologist regarding male infertility, there are a few common things to expect. For example, the doctor will want to know your reproductive history as well as your medical history, family history and history of surgeries.

You will also need to supply a list of medications you are taking, answer some lifestyle questions and go through a general physical. Questions about your sex life is also part of the process, and you should be honest about this.


Samples and Testing

After you have had an initial appointment, you will be given the opportunity to supply your doctor with a sample of your sperm and semen. With this sample, your doctor will be able to take a look that the number of sperm, how well they swim, their shape as well as many other items. Typically, if you have a larger amount of normal looking sperm, you should be able to conceive with your partner fairly easily.

In some instances, a doctor may request a second sample of sperm and semen. This is usually something that occurs if the test showed something strange or if additional testing is needed. In some instances, the quality of your sample may simply have not been good enough to receive the results a doctor needs to make an analysis.

Correcting Sperm

If there is an issue with your sperm, many treatment options will be available to you. For example, you may simply have a blockage that needs to be removed through medication or surgery. In other instances, men may suffer from issues related to health conditions that are not currently being treated.

Some men also have issues related to their general health and weight. Sometimes correcting these items is enough to improve the health of the sperm so a couple can conceive. In the end, you will need to discuss all your treatment options with your doctor in order to find the best course of action.

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