When Everyone Else has Kids but You 


If you have been struggling to become pregnant for some time, seeing everyone else having kids can be extremely frustrating. In fact, when you are trying to conceive, that tends to be exactly what you see, babies and more babies. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help relieve the stress of still not having kids when everyone else does.

Stay Away from Babies

To start with, try to avoid spending a lot of time around those with babies and small children. This would include baby showers and the birthday parties of small children. Naturally, being at these types of events can be extremely stressful for people who have been trying to conceive, and your friends should be able to understand your feelings. If you feel you must supply a gift for the person, send your gift with another friend so that you won’t have to see all the festivities.

Find Support

You should also build a group of friends around you that can support your feelings as you go through this struggle. Keeping your feelings inside is never something you should do regularly. Instead, getting them out in the open can allow you to process them and deal with them appropriately. Plus, having a good group of friends to lean on when you need them can help make the struggle that much easier.


Focus on You

While you are trying to conceive, spend some time pampering yourself. Getting regular massage or participating in stress reducing exercises, like yoga, can help reduce stress, which can make it easier to become pregnant. You should also spend time taking care of your health, exercising and eating the right foods. Following this system will help you make sure you are in the best health, which is also something that can help you conceive faster.

Keep a Journal

As before mentioned, keeping your feelings bottled up inside is never a good idea. Along with sharing them with your support group, you can write down some of the feelings you are having in a journal. For many people, a journal is a form of therapy that helps them deal with their emotions in a healthy manner.

When you look around and it appears that everyone is having kids but you, these are some things you can turn to that will help you cope with the situation. They are also items that can help reduce the stress you are feeling, which can make it even harder to become pregnant. Keep in mind, that if you have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for over a year, you should talk to your doctor about treatment options.

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