Is high Body Temperature an Early Pregnancy Symptom?


There are many early signs that can surface when a woman first becomes pregnant. Some of the most common symptoms are nausea and fatigue. However, since very woman is different, it is possible that some of the symptoms one woman experience early in a pregnancy can be very different from what is experienced by another woman.

For the most part, however, a high body temperature is not usually consistent with early pregnancy signs. It is possible that a higher temperature could mean that you are ovulating, though. One of the best tools that a woman has when she is trying to conceive is a basal thermometer. This handy device is used on a daily basis to help track the ovulation cycle.

a-high-body-temperature-is-not-usually-consistent-with-early-pregnancy-signsThe way that the basal thermometer works is that it tracks a woman’s temperature on a daily basis. During ovulation, a woman’s temperature will rise slightly. However, the degree to which a temperature rises during ovulation is only slight.

This means that a high temperature would also not be consistent with ovulation either. It is best to visit your doctor when you develop a high temperature. It is possible that you have an illness that needs to be treated.

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