What is the pregnancy test sensitivity of the Conceiveeasy Kit?


One of the important things to know about pregnancy tests is that all of them are made with different sensitivities. This is why some pregnancy tests are able to detect a pregnancy earlier than others, since every test detects the HTC hormone at different levels. The pregnancy tests included in the ConceiveEasy TTC kit are about average sensitivity.

If you are looking for the most sensitive pregnancy tests out there that detect pregnancy at the earliest date possible, be prepared to pay a little bit more for the convenience. The First Response Early Result pregnancy test is usually the one that tops the charts in every study. This test is sensitive enough to detect HTC in the urine before a missed period, and it also produces darker lines so that the results are easier to read.

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The ClearBlue Easy Digital test is also a very sensitive one, and produces an easy to read “pregnant” or “not pregnant” result. The First Response Gold test is also one that is extremely sensitive and can in some cases be used up to 5 days before a missed period. The First Response line of tests also have a unique “test is working” display feature that shows women that they are using the test properly, and lets you know that the test is in good working order. These are the three most popular and sensitive home pregnancy tests on the market today.

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