After The Pill: Side Effects Of Stopping Birth Control


Birth control is a great item that can help prevent a pregnancy. It is extremely effective and is used by women around the world. It works by preventing ovulation and helps to regulate a woman’s period. However, when you decide to go off birth control with the intent of becoming pregnant, there are some side effects that you should be concerned about. Here are some things to keep in mind.


For some women, after they go off birth control, they have a hard time getting their periods at all. This is referred to as post-pill amenorrhea. It is caused because your body no longer has the hormones necessary to create a regular period. Sometimes, this is a condition that can last for several months, but most women begin seeing their period begin again within three months. If you have had this condition for longer than six months, you should talk to your doctor regarding treatment options.

Irregular Periods

Another issue that you may notice after you stop taking birth control is irregular periods. Sometimes periods are longer or shorter than they were when you were on your birth control pill. It is also common for periods to be heavier or lighter than normal. All of these issues are normal, but you will want to talk to your doctor about treating them. With these types of issues, it could be difficult to become pregnant because you are not ovulating regularly.



Having a variety of emotions is also a common issue when you go off the pill. You may notice mood swings, anxiety, irritability or a number of other issues that is normally related to your menstrual cycle. Many of these symptoms are also common signs of an early pregnancy, so take a pregnancy test if you feel that you may be pregnant.

Weight Changes

Birth control has been shown to cause women to gain weight. In some instances, depending on the amount of estrogen involved, the weight gain can be significant. After you stop taking birth control, you may notice that you are able to lose some of this weight. This is actually something that could help you become pregnant faster because being overweight could make it harder to ovulate regularly.

When you stop taking the pill, you may notice some if not all of these side effects. However, other women are able to stop taking the pill and notice very few side effects. If you do not return to normal within a few months, it is best to talk to your doctor. There is medication out there that can help you maintain a regular ovulation cycle in order to become pregnant.

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