Charting Your Cervical Mucus  


Cervical mucus is an important part of the pregnancy journey. The substance is naturally made by the body and helps to protect the sperm and make it easier for the sperm to swim towards the egg. Unfortunately, not all women produce the right amount of cervical mucus to be able to accomplish this goal.

When this is the case, it can be hard for the woman to become pregnant because the sperm could have a difficult time swimming towards the egg. In some instances, women have even developed cervical mucus that actually fights against sperm and tries to prevent it from reaching the egg. These are some of the reasons why tracking your cervical mucus is so important.

How to Chart It?

Throughout the month, your cervical mucus will go through some changes. Immediately after your period, it will be dry or even non-existent. It is also possible for cervical mucus to be sticky during this point, which means that it is not fertile.

However, a few days later, fertile women should begin to notice an increase in mucus. This mucus will become thinner as she approaches her ovulation cycle. When she is ovulating, cervical mucus should resemble egg white. It will be thin, slippery and clear. You may even notice some of this substance in your underwear.


Another characteristic of fertile cervical mucus is that it will be stretchy. You should be able to stretch the mucus with your fingers without it breaking. If the mucus is sticky or creamy, this means that it is not fertile. After ovulation, your cervical mucus will disappear and your cycle will start again after menstruation.

What if I don’t have Healthy Cervical Mucus?

If you are not producing healthy cervical mucus, there are some things you can do. For example, there are products available to help replace healthy cervical mucus in the body. One of the most popular options is Pre-seed.

Pre-seed is a lubricant that is used to replace cervical mucus that the body produces naturally. It is safe to use and will help protect the sperm as it tries to swim to the egg. This is a popular product and many women have used it when they are not able to produce cervical mucus on their own.

Also, keep in mind that cervical mucus is not necessarily required to become pregnant. There are women who are able to become pregnant without any cervical mucus at all. However, it is something that can help make the process much easier and faster, so tracking it is a good idea.

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