How Many Days after My Period Can I Get Pregnant?


Many women wonder if they can get pregnant right after their period, or just how long after their period they will have to wait to get pregnant. The truth is that there is no easy answer to this question, since the timing of when you can get pregnant depends on your ovulation cycles, and every woman has very different cycles. It is possible, but very unlikely to get pregnant right after your period.

This is because most women who have 28 day cycles begin their period on day 1 of their cycle, and do not ovulate until somewhere around day 14. If your period lasts seven or eight days, by the time you finish menstruating you’re only five or six days away from ovulating. If you consider that sperm can live in the fallopian tube for two or three days, then you have a narrow window in which you could get pregnant if you ovulated a little earlier than normal.

Many-women-wonder-if-they-can-get-pregnant-right-after-their-periodOf course, every woman ovulates at a different time, and there is no way to know for sure how many days after your period you are able to get pregnant just by guessing. The best thing to do is to find a way to track your ovulation, such as an ovulation predictor kit test, so you will know for sure when you are ovulating.

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Ms. Wisniewski has over 15 years experience as a labor and delivery nurse, having also worked previously as a nurse midwife in the Philippines and India. She enjoys empowering women and providing family centered care to women from all cultural and educational backgrounds.

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