Will my Body Temperature go Down if I am Pregnant?


A basal thermometer is a great tool for women who are trying to become pregnant. It is something that you use to track your body temperature in order to determine when you are ovulating. The important thing to remember when you are using this tool is to use it first thing in the morning.

You should also make sure that you use it before you even get out of bed. To keep the results as accurate as possible, keep your thermometer and calendar within arm’s reach. This helps you avoid as much movement as possible, which can affect your body temperature more than you would think.

What Happens when I Ovulate?

The reason you are tracking your body temperature with a basal thermometer is because it can actually help you determine when you are ovulating. When a woman ovulates, her temperature will spike slightly. This is a huge indicator that she is ovulating.

After her ovulation cycle has ended, the woman’s temperatures will again return to normal. Since they do not rise much while she is ovulating, tracking your body temperature carefully is an important step in the process.


What if I become Pregnant?

If you happen to become pregnant and are still tracking your ovulation cycle, you will notice that your temperature remains elevated even after the time you should no longer be ovulation. If you have had a higher than normal temperature for a few days, this is a good indicator that you are pregnant.

In order to confirm this, you should take an at home pregnancy test. Remember, however, that a pregnancy test is only effective near the time when you would normally have your period. In fact, on the day you expect your period, a home pregnancy test is over 90% effective and accurate. If you take the test before this time, it is possible that the pregnancy hormone that the pregnancy test looks for is not high enough to register.

Along with a higher than normal temperature, you should also be aware of the other symptoms you may notice early on in a pregnancy. For example, you may notice a bit of nausea or morning sickness. Swollen breasts, fatigue and constant urination are also things that typically appear when a woman first discovers she is pregnant.

If you do take a test and find you are pregnant, make sure you schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Receiving the right prenatal care is an important part of being pregnant. Not only can it help keep you healthy, but it can help keep your baby healthy at the same time.

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