Best Tips on Getting Pregnant


Getting pregnant. You would think that it would be a very simple and straightforward thing, wouldn’t you? However, sometimes, getting pregnant isn’t as easy as you would think. Here is a step by step guide for what you need to do to get pregnant.

1 Step #1: See A Doctor

It is always a good idea to see a doctor before you first start trying to conceive. Your doctor can do an overall checkup of you and your health and make sure there are no underlying issues that you should be aware of that could impact your pregnancy.


He or she can take a look at your family history and make sure there is nothing there that could be a problem. Also, your doctor can give you some tips for getting pregnant and can offer helpful advice.

2 Step #2: Determine When You Are Ovulating

You would be surprised how many women do not realize that there is only a short time frame each month that a woman can get pregnant. We are talking about 4-5 days, maximum. If you don’t know when those fertile days are, chances are you are not going to get pregnant very easily.


You can use an over the counter ovulation predictor kit to help you determine when you are the most fertile, but there are other (cheaper) ways out there too. Many women simply pay attention to their cervical mucus to determine their fertile days, and you can also use a basal body thermometer to chart your temperature every day and look for the temperature spike to indicate ovulation.

3 Step #3: Have Sex

Obviously, once you know that you are ovulating, it is important to have sex during that time. Every couple has their own opinion on how you should have sex during ovulation. Some couples have sex the day before ovulation, so that the sperm is already in the woman’s body when the egg is released.


Some couples have sex every day during ovulation week, while some couples opt for every other day. Some really ambitious couples even have sex multiple times per day during ovulation week for the best chance of getting pregnant.

Step #4: When In Doubt, Back To the Doctor

The actual act of getting pregnant is pretty simple. Find out when you are ovulating, have sex. Rinse and repeat until you are pregnant. However, sometimes there are factors that stand in the way of a pregnancy occurring. In these cases, couples might need to see a fertility specialist.


The rule of thumb? If a woman is under 35, she should see a fertility specialist after a year of trying to conceive with no success. For women over 35, only six months should pass before a doctor’s visit is made.


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Ms. Ledoux began her career as an ObGyn nurse practitioner prior to becoming a practicing midwife in the Santa Cruz community. Working together with ObGyn physicians in her own practice, she has over 20 years experience in women's health, pregnancy and childbirth.

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