Does Incompetent Cervix Cause Miscarriage During the First Trimester?


One of the first signs that a woman has an incompetent cervix will begin appearing during the first trimester. However, even though this could cause a miscarriage to occur, it will not cause the miscarriage until the second trimester.

An incompetent cervix occurs when the cervix begins to dilate and thin before the pregnant woman has reached the end of her pregnancy. This is the main cause of late term miscarriages, even though it is very rare.

One problem with cervical incompetency is that it can be something that is difficult to diagnose. Usually, women are not checked for early dilation unless they have a history of issues in this area. Because of this, it is common for women to have recurrent late term miscarriages before they discover that they have an incompetent cervix.

One-of-the-first-signs-that-a-woman-has-an-incompetent-cervix-will-begin-appearing-during-the-first-trimesterIt is possible to perform a surgical procedure to help avoid a miscarriage. However, this is avoided if possible. During the procedure, sutures are placed so that the cervical canal is narrower.

This can help to correct the problem that the woman is facing and also possibly prevent a miscarriage from occurring. Women with an incompetent cervix will need to be monitored carefully throughout their pregnancy.

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