My First Visit to the Ob-Gyn When Pregnant


Your first visit to a doctor after you find you are pregnant is an exciting one. Not only are you able to begin your pregnancy journey, but you also have the opportunity to learn more about your baby. However, some women are a bit nervous about their first ob-gyn appointment. Learning more about what to expect can help with this anxiety.

During the Appointment

During your first appointment, your doctor will be looking to learn more about you and the baby. He will start by determining your due date. This is calculated by knowing the day your last period started. In addition to this, your doctor will also want to know more about your medical history as well as your family’s medical history. It is especially important to mention any types of reproductive issues your family is prone to.

You will also be asked about surgeries and diseases you have had in the past along with the medications you are currently taking. If you aren’t already taking them, your doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins. Along with a long discussion, you will also go through a physical exam as a pelvic exam. Usually a pap smear is performed as well as a blood test.


During the first appointment, many doctors will perform a preliminary ultrasound. There are a number of reasons to perform one at this early stage. For starters, doctors can determine if your due date is correct. Some women find they are further along after their initial ultrasound.


Another reason to have an ultrasound at the first appointment is to confirm the pregnancy. More than likely, your doctor will perform a urine and blood test to confirm the pregnancy after you test positive at home, but an ultrasound can also be a way to confirm it.

Have a List of Questions Ready

Before you do head in for your first appointment, develop a list of questions to ask your doctor. Some of the most important ones are:

  • What are your office hours?
  • How do I reach you after hours?
  • What hospital do you use?
  • Is my health insurance accepted?
  • Will you always be available or will another doctor tend to me at times?

These are all questions that can help you determine what type of care to expect during the time of your pregnancy. The final question is especially important because some doctors may not deliver all of their patient’s babies. Instead, another doctor from their office may be the once that walks you through the delivery.

On your first ob-gyn appointment, you will go over many things with your doctor. Make sure you take careful notes regarding what your doctor expects you to do while you are pregnant. You should also discuss any medical conditions you have as well as problem signs you should watch for.

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