Cesarean Section with Epidural Anesthesia


There are three different types of anesthesia that are commonly used for Cesarean section. The first type is typically used only in emergencies and will completely put the mother to sleep. However, it is preferable for the mother to be awake during the birth, so there are also other options as well.

Another common use is a spinal anesthetic. With this, a needle is inserted into the lower back area and a local anesthetic is administered. One of the benefits of this type of anesthesia is that it works quickly and can help block the entire sensation of the surgery. However, it is also something that can cause a large headache to occur after the procedure.

There-are-three-different-types-of-anesthesia-that-are-commonly-used-for-Cesarean-sectionBecause of this, many choose to have an epidural instead. The downsides of this is that it takes longer for the medication to take effect. It is also possible for the woman to be able to feel some parts of the surgery.

However, after the surgery is complete, there is less of a need for pain medication. In fact, most women only have pain medication for about 12 to 24 hours after the surgery when they use epidural anesthesia. They are also able to avoid some of the major side effects that are caused by the other types of anesthesia.

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