Hemorrhoids After Childbirth – Causes and Remedies


Hemorrhoids are caused when varicose veins become unusually swollen. Usually, they will be about the size of a grape and can be fairly itchy or even painful. They are also sometimes large enough to protrude from the anus, which can cause rectal bleeding during a bowel movement.


These are very common after a woman gives birth and many women experience them for the first time at this time. Women who are pregnant are more likely to get hemorrhoids for a number of reasons. Because of the changes that the uterus goes through during this time, there is a good chance that the varicose veins will also be effected. Pushing during labor can also cause hemorrhoids to occur.

To help heal hemorrhoids, there are many remedies that can help. Ice packs applied to the area can help soothe pain and decrease swelling. Witch hazel can also be added to these ice packs to help relieve the discomfort.

A warm sitz bath is also helpful in relieving discomfort and helping with the healing process. After the bath, and after each bowel movement, be certain to clean the area thoroughly. White, unscented tissue that is not colored is the best option for women when they have hemorrhoids. Topical anesthetics are also available, but talk to your doctor about them first.

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