Pregnancy and Down Syndrome Symptoms


Women who are pregnant with a Down syndrome baby will likely not notice any additional symptoms that are related to the Down syndrome. However, there may be some things that show up on ultrasounds that can be an indicator that the baby has Down syndrome.

For starters, one item that is reviewed is the amount of fluid-filled space that is in the brain. This is referred to as choroid plexus cysts and can be an indicator that the baby has Down syndrome. It is also possible that the baby will have a gap between the first and second toes that is larger than normal.

Down-syndrome-is-something-that-will-not-be-diagnosed-until-the-baby-is-born-with-the-conditionAnother item this is often looked at is the kidney. Babies with Down syndrome tend to have a larger kidney. Along with these items, there may be an area on the baby’s neck where additional fluid has gathered. It is also possible that an ultrasound will show that the passage between the stomach and the small intestine hasn’t opened as it normally should.

These are just a few of the signs that will show up on an ultrasound if the baby has the possibility of having Down syndrome. As always, more testing will be necessary and even those are not completely accurate. Down syndrome is something that will not be diagnosed until the baby is born with the condition.

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