Pregnancy Dilation without Contractions


Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. It is even possible for one woman to experience many different symptoms throughout multiple pregnancies. This means that two pregnancies are never the same. The same goes for the delivery process. While one woman may experience one thing, another may have an entirely different experience.

For the most part, women expect to go into labor in a certain manner. They expect for their mucus plug to become dislodged a few days before the go into labor. At the point that they go into labor, they expect their water to break in a dramatic way.

Every-woman-experiences-pregnancy-differentlyAt this point, they expect to begin experiencing contractions followed by dilation so that their baby can be born. However, this is not always the case. Many women begin dilating without noticing that they are having contractions at all. Some even begin dilating before they begin having contractions.

Women should not be concerned with any of these types of deliveries. They are all common and don’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong with them or the baby. Instead, it is just a sign that we were all made differently and that pregnancy will offer many different delivery possibilities. Eventually, the woman will begin feeling contractions when the baby is nearing being delivered.

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