Pregnancy Labor Breathing Techniques


Breathing techniques are some of the most popular tools to use to help ease the pains of labor. They allow a woman to concentrate through the pregnancy and deliver the baby in a healthy and safe manner.

There are many different styles that can be chosen when a woman is in labor. One of the most common is patterned breathing. This means that the woman will plan her breaths, and it refers to a number of possible depths and rates.


The exact type of pattern that is chosen will depend on the woman who is in labor. While some women prefer deep breaths, others prefer light breathing. In the first instance, the woman may breathe deep enough to fill the diaphragm. However, with the second, she may only breathe deep enough to fill her chest.

The type of breathing pattern that is chosen can also be altered depending on the stage of labor that a woman has entered. This is something that can be learned more about during labor coaching classes.

These breathing patterns can actually be used even before the woman goes into labor and is helpful for other types of pain as well. Some people even use patterned breathing to help them deal with pain even when they are not even pregnant.

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