Uterine Contractions early Pregnancy Miscarriage


Uterine contractions are sometimes felt throughout a pregnancy, even though they are typically associated with the final stages of a pregnancy. They could mean a couple of different things.

First, it is possible that uterine contractions can simply mean that the uterine muscles is tightening. This is common in a pregnancy and is referred to as Braxton hicks contractions.

However, it is also possible that a uterine contraction means that the woman is going into labor. When they are felt early in a pregnancy, this could mean that the woman is having a miscarriage. This occurs when the woman goes into labor before she has reached 20 weeks of a pregnancy.

Uterine-contractions-are-sometimes-felt-throughout-a-pregnancyWhen uterine contractions occur early on in a pregnancy, it is usually suggested that the woman drink a glass of water and begin resting. If the contractions to not stop after an hour, the woman should call her doctor. She should also call her doctor if she is having 4 or more contractions every 20 minutes or 8 in one hour.

The degree in which these contractions are felt can vary from one woman to the next. While some may only experience mild pain, others may feel stronger contractions. For any concerns or if you think that you have had a miscarriage, you should talk to your doctor

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