A New Reason to Avoid Junk Food During Pregnancy


For years, women have been instructed to avoid junk food while they are pregnant. Since it contains many bad ingredients, it is simply too unhealthy for a pregnant woman and her baby. Now, however, there is even one more reason to avoid junk food while you are pregnant, acrylamide.

What is Acrylamide?

Acrylamide is a chemical that is found in some types of foods. It is usually found in foods that are cooked at extremely high temperatures, like baking, frying or roasting. It is created from sugars found in the food as well as amino acid.

What does it Do?

Studies have shown that large amounts of acrylamide can actually increase the chances of developing cancer and other health concerns. In 2010, it was determined that acrylamide was definitely a concern for people who consume foods that contain it.

For pregnant women, studies have shown that consuming acrylamide in abundance could lead to a low birth weight and head circumference. In order to be healthy, a baby needs to be born with the right body weight. Unfortunately, women who consume a diet high in acrylamide tend to have babies who do not meet this requirement.

A low birth rate is a cause for concern, because this could mean that the baby will not grow and develop as it should while it is getting older. In the end, this concern is one that can sometimes be avoided by not consuming acrylamide.


How to Avoid Acrylamide

When you are pregnant, it is best to consume a diet that is healthy and free from junk food. Make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as natural food options. Stay away from foods that do have a high level of acrylamide during this time.

This is also a chemical that can be found in cigarette smoke. So, along with not smoking, you should avoid being around second hand smoke at the same time. Following this advice, as well as that provided to you by your doctor can help keep you healthy throughout your pregnancy and help you to deliver a healthy baby at the same time.

According to the FDA, all people should stick to a healthy, well-balanced diet. Doing so will help pregnant women avoid the dangers of acrylamide as well as the weight related issues that come along with it. If you are concerned about the amount of acrylamide that you are consuming, be sure to talk to your doctor. They will be able to offer advice on your diet and help you determine if you are eating the right types of foods for your pregnancy.


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